Team Building

Contrary to popular belief, the concept of Team building is not to get together in a remote location and enjoy the sunset and a bit too many alcoholic beverages whilst the spouse is at home thinking you are at a conference.

The purpose of teambuilding is to create a certain kind of synergy within the organisation in order to streamline the mechanics of the business. It allows management to gauge as to which people are leaders and can be nurtured in such positions and which are followers and can be support to these leaders. It also shows which individuals can work within a team and which work best on their own.

The idea of Team building is to put individuals in a team format in situations where they are faced with problems and riddles. They are assessed on the manner in which they solve these problems and whether they work together as a team instead of one person doing everything and the others twiddling their big toes in the sand. However a leader should be chosen and it should be alternated with each obstacle to establish which of the employees are the born leaders and which are the followers.

Team building is not only a tool to measure the leadership qualities but also assist with the build of trust between employees as this is ever important in the workplace. Very often exercises in Team building is used for just that where they have to place complete trust in each other to complete the task successfully. The sense of accomplishment when completing a task successfully is in itself a morale builder and adjusts the employee’s attitude towards the company and his or her colleagues in a positive way.

Many companies do not want to invest in a teambuilding exercise for their employees as they believe it’s just another way for employees to get out of a day of work. What they fail to understand is that a company is only as strong as its weakest employee. If you look after your employees, they will look after you. Getting to now your staff is getting to know your business.